Welcome to the homepage of Chosun University Middle School

   Our school has developed an educational program to raise creative, competent individuals based on our founding principles of Sincerity, Creativity, Diligence and Respect for Beauty.
   These principles have been the school motto since 1948.
   We strive to provide the highest level of education and a nurturing environment to enable the students to become the future leaders of our society.

   Our school homepage is a place where students, parents and members of the local community can participate in exchanging new ideas and opinions. We are open to all constructive dialogs on the direction of school education, and welcome you to let us know what is on your mind.

   Thank you.
  • School Address : 309-3, Pilmundaero, Dong-gu, Gwangju Metropolis, Korea
• Tel. : (062)230-2230
• Fax. : (062)230-2292
• Homepage : http://www.chosun.ms.kr
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